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Terri Hagen


Terri Ann Hagen, an enrolled member of the Onondaga tribe of the Iroquois Nation, was born March 18, 1966. Terri served in the Army as a medic and completed airborne training with the National Guard. She was a senior at Oregon State University completing a B.S. in entomology and a B.A. in history.

Terri loved the outdoors, had a great curiosity about the natural world, and spent her life learning, working and playing there. She mountain biked, rafted, caved, hiked, hunted, played basketball, taught swimming, and was a rodeo team roper. She loved animals, and had a variety of pets and her own little humane society. She demanded a great deal of herself and believed in working for the greater good. As a hotshot, she was part of an elite team with equally high expectations. Terri will be remembered for her intelligent and energetic spirit and her compassion and sensitivity for her family, friends and all living creatures.

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