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Scott Blecha


Scott Alan Blecha, born February 23, 1967, was raised in Clatskanie High School. After a four-year tour of duty as a U.S. Marine, Scott enrolled at the Oregon Institute of Technology, graduating cum laude with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in June of 1994.

While in college, Scott spent his summers as a Prineville Hotshot. He loved this job and often talked of the exciting fires, the dangerous fires and the quiet fires, the strenuous work, the crew's sense of camaraderie and the satisfaction of knowing his efforts were appreciated. He made the work enjoyable for others, his voice ringing out above everyone else's, encouraging the crew and making jokes. Scott was a proud and driven man with an intense desire to succeed at everything he did. He was a leader and a warrior. He loved his family and friends and always sacrificed for them.

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