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Levi Brinkley


Levi Brinkley, 22, was the oldest of triplets and had an older brother. A top student and athlete at Burns High School, Levi was an all-state football player and student body president. He earned an Associate's degree in psychology from Bend Community College and was pursuing a Bachelor's degree. At 18, he began fighting fires, first with the Snow Mountain Ranger District, then with the Prineville Hotshots.

Levi had an insatiable desire to experience life. He loved the outdoors where he worked hard and played hard. He was an avid adventurer who enjoyed bungee-jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, hunting and fishing. He couldn't wait for the first snow to get his skis on. Levi made friends wherever he went. His sense of humor and deep feeling for others drew people to him. Although Levi's life was much too short, he had accomplished more than many people twice his age. He left this earth knowing he was very much loved, and without regrets.

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