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Kathi Beck


Kathi Walsleben Beck was born September 23, 1969, in Portland, Oregon. As a senior earning a psychology degree at the University of Oregon, Kathi was an exceptional student with many dreams and accomplishments. She was extraordinarily physically fit and strong willed, yet kind and gentle-hearted. She was an avid rock and mountain climber and a lover of all living creatures. Following a spiritually enriching experience with Outward Bound, a wilderness adventure group, Kathi dreamed of starting a similar group of her own. She hoped to compile her experiences and design an outdoor recreational therapy program for children.

Kathi gave her life among friends, doing what she loved most-being on top of a mountain protecting the earth and its inhabitants. She will be remembered best in autumn, as the colors of her brilliant hair and spirit are mirrored in the dancing leaves. We will forever miss her giant smile and creative sense of humor.

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